Technical programme Main thematic areas at a glance – including experience sharing and knowledge transfer


  • Potato production in line with quality standards
  • Innovative potato breeding
  • Quality requirements in production, in storage and in the trade
  • Technology for potato planting, stock management, harvesting and transport
  • Storage and conditioning
  • Cleaning and packing methods
  • Use of electronics, from planting through to the trade


Live: Machinery Demonstrations

Planting, Harrows & Hoes Harvesting, Transport & Loading

Meeting Point Organic Potatoes

exhibitors offering innovative products and services for organic potato cultivation

Alternative Methods for Haulm Desiccation

Assess the systems for yourself directly on the plant!

Optoelectronic Sorting

Will it be possible to replace complex manual work by technology in future?

Galery: Preparations PotatoEurope 2018