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Smart Potato Farming

The Special is intended to provide the professional audience with an idea of the digital and autonomous solutions that they can anticipate in potato production over the next few years. Market-ready innovations or products that have successfully completed initial practical tests should be presented here. The opportunity for discussing future technologies and solutions with experts should also be offered.

All exhibitors offering technology, electronics and data management products that are used along the 'potatoes' production line are invited to report their innovations. The Special will be focussing on the automatic control of machine parts up to and including autonomous working machines as well as software that controls data transfer to the machine or between machines.

The starting point is the potato field with planting (e.g. technology for precision planting or autonomously controlling a planting machine), then maintenance (e.g. selective crop protection technology, camera- and/or GPS-controlled hoeing) and last harvesting (e.g. automatic implement adjustment, yield and quality recording up to and including yield mapping).

Things then continue on the farm with digital solutions for managing the potato store (climate, ventilation), or autonomous storage and packaging systems with barcodes or optoelectronic sorting of potatoes.

At the exhibition, the exhibitors will be presenting their products and services either at their stands or as a part of the Special ‘Smart Potato Farming’. A tent stand will also be set up in the outdoor area. Here visitors can talk to experts.