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Partners of PotatoEurope 2022

Jointly developing solutions across stages

Designed as a platform for the German potato industry in order to actively structure its future, UNIKA unites all of the stages of the potato industry. Our members are associations, organisations and companies from the potato value chain, from breeding, seed potato production and multiplication, primary production and the packaging trade up to and including upstream and downstream sectors. The association represents the interests of the value chain at the technical and political level.

The key elements of the association are the advisory board, as the consultative committee, and the four expert committees, which are firmly established for the areas of seed potatoes, phytosanitary issues, quality assurance and trade issues as well as potato industry technology.

Safeguarding the future

Over 80 acknowledged experts from the various sectors of the potato industry are successfully dedicated to UNIKA. Together with our partners, we develop positions and opinions on a cross-interest and association basis. We develop viable concepts, initiate and accompany projects, and support research and development. Our goal is to promote the image and the consumption of our valuable 'potatoes' in all of their diversity. The association's core tasks include strengthening the competitiveness of Germany as a production location. UNIKA is actively engaged in national and European legislative procedures.

Communication and competence in specialist topics

For politicians, authorities, institutions and media, UNIKA is the central point of contact when it comes to potatoes. As the binding force within the potato industry, the association also addresses societal and political issues in addition to specialist topics. UNIKA's committees and working groups offer the platform for discussing specialist topics early on and across stages at the very highest of levels and for jointly developing potential solutions. In this process, the fundamental concept of 'jointly developing solutions across stages' is a matter of course that is put into action to bundle forces and be heard at both national and international level.

The association

As a professional association which was founded in 2001 and has its headquarters in Berlin, UNIKA represents the interests of the German potato industry both within Germany and internationally. UNIKA's chairman is Mr Olaf Feuerborn, Deutscher Bauernverband (German Farmers' Association); his deputy is Mr Leo von Kamke, Bundesverband Deutscher Pflanzenzüchter (Federal Association of German Plant Breeders). The other members of the executive board represent the sectors of the value chain.

Technical partner

“Case IH is proud to once again be the exclusive technology partner of PotatoEurope from September 7-8, 2022, at Rittergut Bockerode near Hanover.  We are delighted to be able to support the European potato event par excellence in this way, exclusively and effectively, and at the same time to be able to demonstrate the range of services offered by our machines to the European specialist audience," says Alfred Guth, Communication Manager at Case IH Germany.

More than 30 Case IH tractors from 100 to over 300 hp and telescopic handlers will be in action there during the machine demonstrations, keeping the planters, hoes and harrows and potato harvesters moving for you.

With great passion Interseed Potatoes GmbH is operating in innovative breeding of sustainable new potato varieties and high-quality production of seed potatoes.

The focus of our breeding work is on varieties for the processing sector. We select potato varieties that bring significant, sustainable improvements for the environment and agriculture as well as for the processor and the consumer.

Locations in Germany, Holland, France and Scotland that are ideally suited for seed potato production, as well as experienced and well-trained employees and an ongoing control of all cultivation and storage stages, guarantee highest quality seed.

Our seed potatoes are sold worldwide.

Exklusive partner

Media partners

Potato World magazine is the number one source of potato information for industry professionals worldwide.  All our specialized journalists are proud to report about the latest international developments of this main food crop from the potato hart of Western Europe.

To strengthen the exchange of news and knowledge, we have added the PotatoWorld magazine Newsletter to our communication platform. Our international, digital newsletter has a worldwide reach, is published in English and appears once per month.

Every week, the Bayerische Landwirtschaftliche Wochenblatt provides farmers in Bavaria and Austria with information about daily life and work in agriculture. Get the facts and background on current agricultural policy, innovations in crop and animal production and agricultural technology, as well as all important agricultural market prices. In the "Village and Family" section with the topics: Youth + Education, Garden + Health, Household + Recipes, there is something for everyone!


HOFdirekt is the media format for direct marketers and brings concentrated knowledge to the farms. As a trade magazine for agricultural direct marketers, our reports, interviews and photo reports are aimed specifically at farms with their own marketing and processing of food. Between the publication dates, Hof direkt informs with current news on the homepage, social media and in the newsletter.

For more than 60 years, Kartoffelbau has been providing detailed and comprehensive information on potato-growing agriculture, official advice as well as trade and cooperatives. Well-known practitioners and scientists report "around the potato" on topics of production technology (cultivation, fertilization, laying, care, plant protection, harvesting, storage, processing, utilization) as well as variety, marketing, breeding and economy.

Stormproof for agriculture

  • For generations, LAND & FORST has simply been a part of our farms.
  • Competent technical articles, up-to-date information and strong opinions that are especially important for agriculture in Lower Saxony. Regional like no other.

LAND & FORST. The voice of agriculture. For generations.

Landwirt Radio - the first and only German-language radio in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for all farmers and foresters. We broadcast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with lots of fun and good humour, great music, hourly news, current reports, interviews and specialist contributions on agricultural policy, crop production, animal husbandry and technology. You can listen to us at or via our free APP.

This is how contractors work - we show this in our online and print media. LOHNUNTERNEHMEN serves the exchange of experiences, shows success stories, tips and expert opinions about and especially from contractors.

LOHNUNTERNEHMEN is the only independent magazine in Germany that focuses exclusively on the topics of all contractors in terms of content. Through close contacts with readers and associations, LOHNUNTERNEHMEN creates a mix of topics tailored to the diverse information needs of our target group.

LZ Rheinland is the trade journal for agriculture in the Rhineland.

Week after week, LZ Rheinland provides up-to-date reports from practice for practice on the following topics:

Politics, economics, law and taxes, arable farming, grassland, dairy farming, pig farming, poultry, bioenergy, agricultural technology, special crops, market and price, country and family.


  • Organ of Rheinischer Landwirtschafts-Verband e.V.
  • Organ of the Regional Association of Agricultural College Graduates
  • Organ of the Rhineland Rural Women's Association e.V.
  • Official Gazette of the LWK NRW
  • Announcement gazette of the state representative for the North Rhine region

Potato Planet - The main French-language magazine dedicated to the potato sector informs its readers every two months about the latest news in the sector, new products and equipment, research and experimentation and offers reports from Europe.

Potato Processing International is regarded as a must-have information source for potato processors, equipments and ingredients manufacturers, as well as players in storage, retail and foodservice. This business-to-business magazine is published six times per year and continuously strives to be the most comprehensive publication, containing in-depth articles, expert views from some of the most respected companies in the industry, exclusive interviews, as well as news and trends. Our digital magazine, as well as the portal, rounds up our offering with timely information on sustainable agriculture, crop protection and the newest product developments, while our weekly newsletter makes sure you don't miss any important news from the industry.

  • Profi Press ltd is publishing house for farmers, municipalities, veterinary sector, horticulture and floristics in Czech.
  • Traditional printed magazines and books specializing on all aspects of farming production.
  •  Specialised internet sites, mobile applications, newsletters, project TV for farmers.

top agrar is the No.1 agricultural trade media in the German-speaking world. Every month, the magazine offers up-to-date specialist information and practical decision-making aids for farm managers and decision-makers in the green industry. In the digital communication channels, top agrar scores with its wide-ranging website, newsletters, webinars, podcasts and offers in the social networks. top agrar - we are agriculture!

PotatoEurope Network

In 2022 Europatat is celebrating its 70th Anniversary. The “European Union for the Wholesale Trade in Potatoes” was established on 12 January 1952 in Paris, including members from Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Switzerland. Seventy years later, our association counts 63 members in 20 countries in the EU and beyond and is more active than ever!

To celebrate its 70th Anniversary, Europatat invites all its members and stakeholders to gather in Dublin, right before the official opening of the World Potato Congress. The Europatat Congress 2022 will kick off with a networking reception on Sunday 29th May, and will follow with internal meetings and the General Assembly (only for members) on Monday 30th May.

Mark your calendars and don't miss the opportunity of re-connecting with colleagues and friends from the European potato community in the exceptional atmosphere of the Royal Dublin Society, located in the heart of Dublin. Registrations for both the Europatat Congress and the World Potato Congress are open!

Visit for more information and registrations.

Specialist partners

Verband Norddeutscher Direktvermarkter e.V.

Direct marketing not only has a long tradition, it also offers many farms considerable advantages. Consumers want alternatives to the anonymous origin of products and buy directly from the producer because they have confidence in the products and the topic of "health and nutrition" is taking on an increasingly important role in their lives. But a rethink is also noticeable among caterers and food retailers.

We are committed to securing the income of farms with regional marketing. Furthermore, we want to strengthen rural areas and make local supply possible in the long term.