Video library With such an international market as the potato industry, it's worth taking a look outside the box!

Guido Mangnus from Emmeloord has been devoted to the potato industry his entire career. The potato sector never stops evolving and developing. One that offers new opportunities again and again. That makes Potato Europe a unique platform to experience this dynamic sector!

Steve Bawa, potato farmer from Nigeria, about potentials and problems. In Nigeria potatoes can be grown all year around, but the storage is one of the main problems.

Sergey Matus is the owner of a potato farm in Belarus. His plan for the coming years: He wants to convert 200 hectares of his farm to organic potato cultivation. From the meeting point organicpotatoes on the PotatoEurope he hopes to gain new insights for the realization of his project.

Alexander Rudnikov is working as a representative of Grimme Belarus. The Belarussians are often called "Bulbaschen" (potato-eaters) and there is a reason for it: Still potatoes are grown in almost every backyard.

John Keeling reports on the challenges of the US potato market (Executive Vice President of the National Potato Council) John Keeling reports on the high relavanz of the potato in the nutrition. Currently the US is faced by the question "How do we bring the potatoes back in the consumers kitchen?"

Jerzy Wróbel, co-owner of Agrosad, about the potato industry in Poland. Poland is one of the largest potato producer in Europe. There are about 300 thousand hectares of potato fields, which provide about 8 million tons of potato tubers.

Wachira Kaguongo, CEO of the National Potato Council of Kenia about the challenges of potato production in Kenya and new technologies he want to see at PotatoEurope 2018

Farmer Shiyi Wang reports on potato cultivation in China Shiyi Wang takes us to his parents' farm in Guyuan, 300 km south of Beijing. His family cultivates more than 4,000 ha for seed and trade potatoes here.