Show Spaces

Trial field

Here you can give visitors a hands-on demonstration of your varieties, inputs and services.

Outdoor Space

This is turf space where you can display your products or set up a marquee. The minimum bookable size is 12 m².

Tent Hall

The tent hall offers an environment that is similar to that of a hall. This option is recommended if you use a prebuilt stand. The minimum bookable stand space is 9 m².

Machinery Demonstrations

The demonstrations are intended for agricultural machinery companies. Show your machines live in practice, laying, clearing and loading:


  • The diversity of modern planting machinery
  • Focus on gentle treatment of tubers and harvesting performance
  • Loading lines from different manufacturers - fast, clean, gentle - live comparisons
  • Whether harrows, hoes and ridgers can be a substitute for herbicides? Demonstration for mechanicak weed control




Product index

The Product index allows you to check whether your product fits with PotatoEurope and the most appropriate area for it.

Are you interested as an exhibitor? Please contact us.