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On-Farm Potato Processing and Marketing

Once more, the past two years have shown how sales markets can change due to external influences. It is all the more important to keep control of partial areas of your potato marketing yourself. For instance, many farms have chosen to sell directly to consumers and have been professionalising this sales channel for years and even decades. Solutions range from a simple potato crate on the farmyard up to and including highly specialised undertakings to further process potatoes on the farm and get them onto the market either directly or via regional food retailers.

The Special 'On-Farm Potato Processing and Marketing‘ is dedicated to this theme concerning storage, cleaning, packaging, further processing and marketing on your own farm.

Practical examples will be presenting innovative ideas for marketing your own potatoes, up to and including the development of your own brand and the corresponding advertising.

On the exhibitor side, the Special is aimed at all companies that offer potato farmers (technical) solutions for these areas. From sorting and cleaning technology, packaging and processing to vending machines or online platforms.